Math Research Partnership Opportunity

In collaboration with Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Research and Reform in Education, The Math Learning Center (MLC) is seeking district partners for a research project involving our newest edition of Bridges in Mathematics Third Edition. As you may have heard,the latest edition of Bridges in Mathematics is designed to promote deep understanding of mathematical concepts, proficiency with key skills, and the ability to solve complex problems. During Bridges instruction, students are actively engaged as capable mathematical sensemakers, drawing upon their knowledge bases to support learning. Bridges also supports teachers in delivering engaging, rigorous, standards-based instruction while incorporating equitable and effective teaching practices.

The goals of the research project are to:

  • Examine short-term and long-term program impacts of Bridges on student learning
  • Understand educator implementation of Bridges
  • Refine professional learning experiences for Bridges educators 

Benefits of the project include:

  • Bridges curriculum kits for participating K-5 classrooms at no cost 
  • Professional learning workshops at no cost
  • Stipends for teacher participating in research activities
  • Opportunities to give input on data collection instruments
  • Sharing of findings through reports or presentations

To be eligible, districts must:

  • Serve a diverse student population
  • Have at least 13 elementary schools
  • Are not currently using Bridges or Number Corner

Interested districts can learn more about the research project by completing the form at or by contacting MLC’s Director of Research, Emily Saxton, at