Project Team

Megan Staples.

Megan Staples

Megan Staples is the principal investigator and associate professor in the Neag School of Education’s Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

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Fabiana Cardetti.

Fabiana Cardetti

Fabiana Cardetti is a co-principal investigator and professor of mathematics at UConn’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

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Gladis Kersaint.

Gladis Kersaint

Gladis Kersaint is a co-principal investigator and UConn’s vice provost of academic affairs, as well as a Neag School professor and dean emerita.

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Jennifer Michalek.

Jennifer Michalek

Jennifer Michalek is a co-principal investigator and a math and computer science consultant at the Connecticut State Department of Education.

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Jonathan Simmons.

Jonathan Simmons is the program manager and a post-doc researcher at UConn. 

Owen Maltby.

Owen Maltby is a Graduate Assistant and current Master's year student in Secondary Mathematics Education in the Neag School.


Collaborative Learning Groups (CLG) Leaders

Mario Carullo.

Mario Carullo

Mario Carullo is the Director of Mathematics for Hartford Public Schools.

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Jillian Cavanna.

Jillian Cavanna

Jillian Cavanna is an assistant professor of elementary education, STEM, and innovation at the University of Hartford.

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Leah M. Frazee Scharfenberger.

Leah M. Frazee Scharfenberger

Leah M. Frazee Scharfenberger is an assistant professor of mathematical sciences at Central Connecticut State University.

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Noyce MTL Program Alumni

Kenya Overton.

Kenya Overton

Kenya Overton is a former program manager and a current Neag School doctoral candidate.

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